Ultrapanoramic Video Installation for Provocazioni Festival in Italy, Rome.

"Now in its 4th edition, it has become within a few years one of the main festivals of independent art and electronic music of the capital. The collective Cromedrop key event, in its 5th year of operation is a reference point in the panorama of Rome."

Art direction & Animation: MU! (Sebastian Murra)
Audio: Lucas Bolaño




The idea behind Provocazioni 4 was to imagine what would be of humanity and art in 2000 years from now: 4013 map the future.

I wanted to create a new world or at least the beginnings, the first steps of a new one. A transformation where shapes yet to exist are being created in an environment where there is no trace of our current physical presence except in the artistic movement of the shapes, the sensations and emotions they produce: Slow, fast, dangerous, beautiful, convulsion, extasis, etc. All of this in synch with the music and audio that transport you to this new era of high contrasts and new melodies.

A new world...

Once I had a more or less clear idea of what I wanted to make. I created a vector image to have an approximate look & feel of the general concept. Now the tricky part comes here, when I let the abstract "breathe". I don't know exactly how everything will end. I have I close idea but creating this stuff I know it also has a mind of its own, and that's what I really love: It is not only abstract because of its shapes, it is abstract because it was built in an abstract way. It was not a 1,2,3 linear process where everything was 100% perfectly sketched. I believe you can't sketch abstraction to perfection. If you do that, you are doing something that seems abstract and might as well do something figurative or real. Like i said, these shapes have a mind of their own and they also dictate while you are "creating" them how they must be built and the animation each part must have.


Compilation Provocazioni tests from mu! on Vimeo.

alt : http://mu-illustration.com/files/fest-roma-demo-1.mp3

alt : http://mu-illustration.com/files/fest-roma-demo-2.mp3

alt : http://mu-illustration.com/files/fest-roma-demo-3.mp3

alt : http://mu-illustration.com/files/fest-roma-demo-4.mp3